Club Committee Update

To continue our club updates, spoke to current club treasurer and former player, Stevie Mullen, who gave us a run down of goings on off the park.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone associated with St.Roch’s Juniors Football Club a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Scott has kindly asked me to give an update on some of the work that been done around the ground and some of the community work we have been involved with.

Firstly it would be remiss of me not to start with the untimely passing of our committeeman and friend Colin McLean. Colin was known throughout Junior Football and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him, especially here at St.Roch’s. Colin had made it known to us in conversation that he didn’t want any charity/benefit games in his name, so we thought having our two festive days in his honour would be a fitting tribute to Colin. Colin was a good man taken far too early.

We also lost another friend in Tam Burns, who sadly lost his brave fight. Tam worked alongside Andy as part of the backroom squad and his contribution was a major part of Andy’s match day preparation. This leads us onto one of our first community backed projects. Myself and Andy had spoken with Tam about having a Football day to let Tam see what he meant to the Football Community in the North of the City and beyond, and after securing Tams blessing we organised a day for Tam and his family, this day was supported magnificently by many people who Tam had encountered throughout his football and working environment. We didn’t realise it but Tam was coming to say goodbye in a controlled and dignified manner. We raised a considerable amount of money that was appreciated by Tam and his family.

We organised our annual festive fish supper days this year in memory of Colin McLean. Wettrades Ltd and Celtic Foundation sponsored these days: we also received some individual donations and to everyone who contributed on behalf of St.Roch’s. thank you.

The two days were for people affected by homelessness and pensioners, both days provided a three course meal and entertainment provided by the excellent Susie McCabe and our resident DJ Candyman. Karaoke and Bingo was also available and a good day was had by all. Our guests included Tony Hamilton, CEO of Celtic FC Foundation, Paul Sweeney MP for Glasgow North East, Anne McLaughlin the previous MP and great supporter of St.Roch’s, Alan Casey the local Councillor for the area, we also welcomed Michelle and Dermott from the Invisibles who provided much needed advice and assistance to our guests. The volunteers who gave their time over the two days Ken Haynes, Billy Reid, Andy and Donna Cameron, Angie, Stephen Barnett, Shug FarrellPaul Watson,and Paul Reddie. These days are made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and the hard work of our volunteers. Thank you

On to more practical matters, we have replaced the roof in the pavilion, which now makes us wind and watertight, additionally we have rough cast the full exterior walls providing another layer against dampness. There has also been renovations to the dressing room and our thanks go to City Building for providing apprentices to carry out this work, we now have a first class kit room. We have also extended the referees changing facility. We have also replaced the old metal door at the entrance to the pavilion and also installed a roller shutter door. We have also totally refurbished the sit on mower and thanks to Dave Kenna for his help.

Two of our friends and fans Jack Collins and Wallace Heaney organised a race night for us, they took ownership from the start and raised a considerable sum for the club, thanks to Jim Ward and Billy for assisting Jack and Wallace. A great success and Thank You

I also had a meeting with Paul Watson about the possibility of erecting a covered enclosure on what I will call the home terracing, this was a very positive meeting and the builder was able to provide first class feedback and answers to any questions, I believe this will happen and thank Paul and Mark Lawson for their help on this matter.

Our supporters club, the 1920 S.R.S.C, recently organised a food bank and toy collection and it’s only right they let people know the successful outcome. I have to acknowledge the support of Jane Maguire from Celtic Foundation who provided me with 10 bags of toys to support the fans in their efforts. I also was able to access toys from the Emma Smillie Foundation and with Michael Kennoway’s help, they also found their way to deserving children. The people who support our initiatives do so, knowing we will ensure they go to deserving causes and we thank them for trusting us to carry out good work in their name.

Loads of people help out, but two people stand out for me Ken Haynes and Billy Reid, they work tirelessly and constantly to improve the ground and surrounding areas. The Tigers group have also contributed greatly and we wish Bill the instructor all the best in his healthcare battle. We will shortly be taking ownership of two portacabins as part of a longer term strategy for the club, this will take time and money so we need patience to achieve this.

Finally, we as a Club will not stand still, we are always looking for ways to improve and provide better facilities for everyone who attends the game at the Roch. We need the goodwill of our sponsors, advertisers, the grant providers and you our fans to make these things a reality.



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