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St Roch’s football club are delighted to announce that the new official club song, will be released on Friday the 1st September.

The song, entitled ‘Football at the Heart‘ has been penned, recorded and presented to the club by the fantastic Glasgow band, the Wakes. It is hoped that the song will have its first James McGrory Park airing, the following day as the Candy entertain Blantyre Victoria, for their first league match of the season.

**Click above to hear a small sample of the song**

To coincide with the long anticipated release, the club has produced limited edition Football at the Heart/St Roch’s tee shirts.

From next Friday you can purchase these t-shirts from the St Roch’s band camp page or at the ground for £10 (excl P&P), and with each purchase you will be emailed a downloadable copy of the new club song. **However, you can grab one of these t-shirts early. Keep reading**

In the very near future, there will also be limited edition pin badges to celebrate this rare occasion. They will be priced at £3 each.

The whole club are delighted with the fantastic efforts of the lads from the Wakes and are humbled by their generosity of their time and ultimately the song.

Currently the in demand band are splitting a German tour, with a 10th Anniversary gig at St Lukes in Glasgow, on Saturday the 26th August.

St Roch’s have kindly been invited to sell their new ‘Football at the Heart‘ t-shirts at the anniversary event, so anyone attending please come and have a look. You can take away a t-shirt that very night and your email address will be taken and you will get the song on release.

You can keep up to date with all new with the band at their website , you can follow them on twitter @TheWakes, on Facebook…or check out their music on their bandcamp page.




  1. The candy roch have come a long way since i followed them everywhere in the seventies.With my big pal andy bhoy at the helm it is so good that the club are filming games selling t shirts etc all so impressive.please change tops to emerald green as colour too dull

  2. still follow the “candy”although i have lived in australia for 50 years.i came from blackhill and always went to watch them on a saturday and skipped in at the railway end.all the best for this year,charlie bell.

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